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By Metallurgist for material scientists

    CCD Colour camera
    •Camera Adapter
    Software Modules
    Image Grabber Card


Quantimet is Image analyzer best suited for variety of practical material testing applications. Sophisticated algorithms and consideration given to practical laboratory working conditions of sample preparation proves it to be most user friendly. The software is thoroughly tested by subjecting it to variety of specimens from different industries prepared in our own testing laboratory.
Quantimet is perfect integration our expertise in metallurgy (metallography ) and software applications. Each module is further upgraded with the collaboration of eminent from respective field. One can find many special features those are immensely useful in day-to-day working for fast and reliable analysis.

  CCD Colour camera :  

Various camera options are available as per the application needs, chip size ( 1/4", 1/3", 1/2", 2/3" ), single chip / three chip, with variety of frame grabbing speeds and resolution, from different makes like Wattec, JVC, Sony, Pulnix

  Camera Adapter    
(For any microscope - Carl Zeiss , Nikon , Olympus , Unitron , Leica etc.)

Opto Mechanical adapter -
CCD to Microscope interface, for any microscope. Specific adaptor with magnification factor of 0.5 X or the one suitable, can be offered depending upon application.

  Image Grabber Card    

High resolution Scientific Image grabber card .
Spatial Resolution:
640 x 480 (60 Hz); 768 x 576 (50 Hz),
Video Format:
Composite video and S-video (Y/C) formats; RS-170, RS-330, and NTSC (60 Hz) or CCIR and PAL (50 Hz); interlaced; software selectable.
1 active input, composite or S-video,
AC coupled Video Signal:
1volt peak to peak, 75 ohms. It enables the acquisition of a standard monochrome, composite color, or S-video color image.

  Software Modules :    

A powerful software developed with advanced image processing techniques and algorithms offering perfection and reliability in test results.

Advanced Features:

Image Enhancement -
H.S.I., contrast, sharpening, edge detection, selective zoom.

Spatial filters -
High pass, low pass, gamma, median, prewitt, sobel & roberts, laplacian, Gaussian, thinning, errosion, dialation, iteration, prunning, inverse adaptive filtering.

Kernel Algorithm -
Facilitating user defined sequential operation.

Multiple image display, annotation, selection of objects and region of interest.


   • Grain size measurement, by Heyn intercept and Jeffries planimetry
      method. (ASTM - E 112 / E 1382)

   •  Austenitic grain size measurement.

   •  Percentage phase analysis. ( Area Fraction ) ( ASTM - E - 562 )

   •  Linear measurements like - plating / coating / decarburization / banding
       etc .

   •  Nodule count , % Nodularity analysis , distribution, nodule classification
       etc. (ASTM A 247 )

   •   Graphite Flake analysis for size class and separation of A, C, D, E flakes
       & their exact % estimation (ASTM A 247 ).

   •   Inclusion Analysis - ( ASTM - E 45 / E 1122 ) Separation, and rating.

   •   Dendritic arm spacing .

   •   Porosity measurement.

   •   Automatic primary silicon measurement in aluminium alloy.

   •   Image database management software with facility of comparison of         images.

   •   Particle count & size analysis.

   •  Multi-layer measurements for PVD.

  PCB Module   Cement Module
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