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Electropol - II

Micro specimen prepared within 30 secs. Beneficial for good work volume labs and for soft metals. Minimal initial preparation. Totally operator independent process. Pay back period just one and half year. Micro controller technology.


  • Almost all metals and their alloys possible.
  • Very effective for S.S, Aluminum, Copper & their alloys, which are very difficult to get polished by conventional process demanding high operator skill & imparting surface deformation.
  • Reliable & Consistent results. No mounting required. Any odd shape samples, foils, polished effectively.
  • No deformation & over heating.
  • Essential before micro hardness testing as leaves no work hardening on the sample.
  • Universal electrolyte for low / high alloyed steels & Aluminum.

Electropol - Pro

Automatic Electrolytic Polishing Machine

  • Micro controller based technology offering highly consistent polishing results.
  • Polishing current, voltage, time and flow of an electrolyte can be programmed for an individual alloy or composition. Such number of programs can be stored.
  • Major functions are manoeuvred by touch membrane key board.
  • Large LCD for giving full details of programmed functions.


Computerized Connectivity

System has computer connectivity for on-line data (parameters) logging with user-friendly database maintenance software to retrieve old results within no time. Further the same can be interfaced with image analyzer for relevant microstructures analyzing.

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